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Learning To Find the Beauty Daily

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

So today was a “the universe is off with my flow” kind of a day.

Or was it?

You decide after I share with you my little story.

Thrilled I got all my work done before taking off on our hour drive to my mom’s with my son.

Then we almost get in a car accident on the freeway en route. An elderly gentleman clearly was not paying attention and just started moving into my lane, with us side by side.

Thank goodness no one was in the other lane next to me. Because I had to do one of those jerk reaction swerves to get out of his way.

Deep breaths. I’m ok. We’re ok. I’m calm.

I decide to have a relaxing time the rest of the day.

We go eat yummy dim sum for lunch with my mom. Afterwards, we walk over to the store to look for something for my husband for father’s day. We have a cart full of things.

My mom comes rushing over and all of a sudden I look at the clock and we have to be at her lawyer’s office in 25 minutes.

I totally forgot about the appointment. The whole reason we made this trip in the first place (LOL, yes I can laugh about it now). There’s no way we can make it on time.

I quickly decide to ditch the cart and we head to my mom’s to pick up her documents. As I’m patiently waiting for her in the car, I decide to call the lawyer’s office and ask them if being 15 minutes late was going to be ok. The secretary says yes.

We drive over and get there at the new time I told them.

A couple of minutes later the lawyer (whom I’ve never met before) walks out and says ‘in here’. Both my mom and I apologize for being late as we walk into his office and he says ‘I’m never late’.

I say ‘that’s great’. I make up an excuse about the traffic coming from Carlsbad (because that’s where I had to come from originally and I’ve already had to deal with getting side swept by an elderly gentleman, and not happy with myself that I totally forgot about this appointment). I'm not really in a mood to take crap from you today (I subconsciously think in my head)

My mom says ‘sorry’ again.

And he says ‘it’s your money. You’re paying for my time’

At this point I decide this guy is a jerk.

Deep breaths.

So we go about business and I decide to engage with him a little bit more.

Within the 30 minutes we've been sitting in his office, this ‘jerk’ is now telling us stories about his clients and we are having a laughable and light conversation.

My mom interjects with another question she forgot.

I see the disappointment in his face. He wants to continue to tell his stories.

So after he answers her question, he continues to tell his story.

We walk out on a positive note (thank goodness, because we have to come back next week).

He has other clients waiting for him. So what happened to the valuable time that we were paying for?

I smile, and I tell myself. That’s your superpower, Anna. You have a way with people. You can bring out the best in them.

The rest of the day starts to flow. Like water. And air.

My mom suggests we go back to the store. 'maybe your cart will still be there' she says.

I decide, why not? I was determined to get this task done, and so was my son.

We laugh about the chances the cart will still be there with all of our stuff on the way to the store.

Our cart is still there. With everything in it (including the cute ceramic pot I've been looking for some time now for the plant in my office, and yes, our father's day gifts are complete). We check out.

I have a nice dinner with my mom and 2 sons. I soak in how my 2 boys can just pick up where they left off last, even though they haven’t seen each other for a while. I observe how proud I am of my mom picking one of the healthier items on the menu. I observe how I did not (LOL), but I only ate half of my mushroom burger.

Life is good.

So what do you think? Did I have a bad day? Would you have considered this a bad day? Would you have been stressed out or pissed off for more than a few minutes? Did you see any lessons in my story? Perhaps read it again?

These are the types of things that I educate and share with people all over the world.

Unforeseen things happen in our lifetime. That's just a fact.

But how we deal with them is what makes our life good or not.

I'm no one special.

I've just learned new skills, knowledge and tools that help retrain my brain to think differently. In ways that help serve me, and as a by-product makes a difference in those around me.

I've learned throughout the years that whenever you are open to learning new ways to overcome problems and you are open to learning how to figure it out, you become that much closer to who your authentic self is. Your truth. What your superpowers are.

Seek the beauty, the silver linings, and see where that takes you. Because if you're a bit like me, you will notice a huge shift in the way you do life. Creating balance within is monumental. And it's a skillset that everyone can learn.

As always, sending you love and positive energy.

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