What People Are Saying About Our Create Balance Coach


"Anna is one of the most compassionate, kind-hearted and sincere people I have ever met.  

During one of our talks, I had been unknowingly emitting negative vibes and Anna delicately pointed this out to me in her follow-up email that she promptly sent me.   That day, Anna was able to help me open my mind so that I would start seeing things around me in a positive light.  I began to see that a little shift in perspective (facing challenges with a positive attitude and with a positive goal in mind) was the key to balancing my life.  Thanks to Anna’s unwavering support and encouragement, I am a much happier person now and I am finally able to see other options for solving issues that were not readily available to me in my previous state of mind.  Anna helped me tap into my inner self and realize that I needed to be the change that I wanted to see in others.  I highly recommend using Anna’s life coaching services to anyone who is interested in improving his/her life and living to the fullest potential."


Mom & Caregiver of Elderly Parents

"Anna has an intuitive way to take information in and imagine the possibilities of how things could be. She likes to point out the best in people. She values harmony and forgiveness. She sees change as new opportunities and possibilities."


Professional Hair Designer


"I feel so lucky that I have someone like Anna in my life. She truly has a special way of connecting with people and helping us see the potential within ourselves! I truly value her experience and wisdom!"


Sales Executive & Mom of 2

"The thing that has impressed me the most is Anna's influence on America’s youth.  Anna has always taken an interest in younger people and has been an active participant in mentoring several of them helping them achieve success in both social and significant personal and professional development goals.  Anna’s communicative and leadership skills enable her to be a worthy Mentor."


Retired Corporate Executive and Author



"Anna is bright and insightful.  She puts things into perspective and has a talent for helping her clients prioritize and take action.  She has truly found her calling."


Elementary School Teacher and Mother of 3


"Anna seems born to be a life coach, and best of all, she leads by example how she walks the walk in her own life journey" 


Mother of three, Lawyer and Business Consultant



"I view Anna as a beacon of good energy."


Real Estate Professional

"Anna is absolutely amazing! She is a great mentor and completely professional in her life coaching program. I find no issue disclosing any and all issues to her, whether it be related to my career, relationships, health, etc. The reason I turn to Anna is because I find her style to be unique in that she gives holistic advice, looking at all aspects, and develops a proactive plan to help me achieve my goals. It's not to say things will get better overnight, but having these conversations and action items make me think in a different way at the situation than I otherwise would have on my own. I've seen so many changes in how I view my reaction and perspective in both personal and professional situations. So all in all, I really cannot recommend her enough! She really makes life just plain better!"

Project Manager

"Anna is an absolutely amazing wellness and life coach! Her vast knowledge and professionalism shine through the moment you engage in a conversation with her. Always supportive and caring, Anna puts your mind at ease and helps you put things clearly into perspective. Her unique way of re-assessing the situation at hand in a positive light has helped me lead a happier and healthier life. I highly recommend using Anna's services at Create Balance for anyone seeking a lifestyle change or just a better YOU!"


Full-time Mom



"Create Balance life coach Anna is an experienced professional that embraces life as it comes. She guides you by asking questions so as you answer the questions you can make better decisions how to navigate through your circumstances. She lives life as a model to others how to have a balanced life. She can connect with young and old alike. She has provided enlightenment on many of life's challenges for me, from family and parenting issues to nutritional topics, and from business issues to marketing and planning. If a challenge arose that she was not an expert in she was able to guide or suggest someone that could. I would highly recommend working with Anna if you want a positive change in your life."


Realtor & Mom of 2



"I have used Anna as a coach on several occasions over the years. Each time she has been invaluable to my personal growth. She is a great listener and always seems to know how to point me in the right direction. Recently I had an extremely difficult shift in my work responsibilities. With Anna's help I was able to make adjustments to the new situation and things have turned out quite well. I will continue to use Anna as a Life Coach knowing that I will do much better with her guidance."


IT Professional



"Anna helped guide me through some personal issues in my life. She taught me several strategies to use which are subjective to different experiences I have or have had. I've been able to utilize these strategies that have allowed me to find more peace in my hectic day to day. Anna is constantly reading and taking courses to update her 'repertoire' of strategies to help guide her clients towards inner peace. I'm glad to have found her and continue to work with her to this day."


Mom and Former Teacher

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What Women are Saying About Our Empowerment Workshops

The women tell all...

"I liked everything!"

"I'm ready to take control of my life. It's within my own power"

"No more excuses. I'm ready to take ACTION!"

"I learned that ANYONE can benefit from life coaching, not just when we feel stuck or unhappy"

"I loved how this team of women were about helping and supporting each other to be our best selves"

"Balance is the key to happiness"

"All the points in this workshop are important and very significant to our personal wellness"

"I have more self awareness now"

"I need to learn more about myself"

"We have more control over our lives than we use"