The Secret to Your Happiness and Mine

Have you ever wondered what it was that led up to a famous person's eventual demise?

For example, someone who is as talented and gifted with what they're known for, such as Prince, or Robin Williams or Steve Jobs?

How did they not live to a ripe old age? They were so successful in so many ways in the public eye. They had fame, fortune and true gifts that they gave to the world. What happened? Why were they not able to grace us with their talents and gifts for longer?

Well, when you've been studying and coaching people as long as I have (yes, for those of you who don't know my history, I've been helping people since I first started helping myself in my early 20's, just not getting paid for it until 5 years ago when I started my own life coaching practice), you will have learned the secret to why these amazing and talented people's life ended so early.

Sure, on the surface, we can say it was drugs, or cancer or depression.

However, what else? Because those are just the means that ultimately led them to their sad departures. How did they get to those means in the first place?

What makes someone an alcoholic? or suicidal? or obese? There are so many people in this world who on paper (and Facebook) look like they lead amazing lives, or at least normal lives. But then why do we sometimes suddenly discover they're actually on anti-depressants or some other drug/brain altering meds or facing cancer?

Or more recently, I heard from my teenagers that Demi Lovato overdosed on drugs, and is back in rehab. Whaaat?? The beautiful, young, soulful singer who's got it all?? I was so inspired by her because I had heard she was helping other young people with mental health by even holding venues about it at her concerts. Again, what's happening?!!

A significant part of any good life coach's skill set is to be able to connect all the dots in a person's life - from their childhood to their relationships with people to the way they think to the way they feel about certain things and situations to the way they act. And to dig deep into the core issues.