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NOV 27 - 30, 2020 ONLY

Get 75% off my 2 Masterlevel Programs this Black Friday weekend ONLY!!!


Magical Midlife Breakthrough System




The Unshakable Marriage Formula


I’ve received lots of messages from people who are starting to realize that investing in themselves is the best investment you will ever make.


Many of you know that I just turned 55 years old this year and have never felt healthier, happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been for the past 6 years of my life


Despite having gone through menopause and health scares


Despite the anticipation of empty nester syndrome


Despite trying to care for and then losing my beloved father to cancer


Despite watching my colleague and dear friend faced with a sudden diagnosis of brain cancer and not being able to help her and then watching her pass away 1 year later


Despite all of the 1st of the year heavy life challenges I’ve had to overcome for the past 6 years (OMG, was there ever a time I felt I was being tested by God or a higher power it was then, EVERY dang January)


Despite having to deal with constant fighting and arguments with the teens in the house


Despite almost giving up on my passion and purpose


Despite almost losing my life partner


This is why I’m doing this INCREDIBLY ridiculous deal JUST for this special holiday weekend.


So for a few insightful, smart and caring women out there - you will finally learn the skills and practices to take control of your midlife years and never worry about whether you’re making the right or wrong choices for you and your loved ones again, and having ZERO regret from this point on


Imagine from this day forward YOU …


  • Feel more vibrant and energized than ever before ( without having an affair or spending $100k for that little red sports car)

  • Work through menopause (pre,post and during) with less pain than a monthly cycle

  • Be in the best shape of your life

  • Find yourself pulling your ID out because they won’t believe you could possibly be old enough

  • Turn the Empty Nester Syndrome to the LIVE LIFE FULL OUT Syndrome

  • Overcome any obstacle in your life with grace and peace (because they’re coming if not already here)


  • Feel fulfilled in every single relationship that matters to you

  • Feel happy and grateful that you are with the right person after all


  • Have passion and a true partnership that you see lasting forever

  • Compliment one another to support each other in growing into the best versions of yourselves

  • Want to be with one another, and not only just when one wants sex or feels needy

  • Feel excited to be with your partner and foresee a fulfilling future with travel, money and even grandkids

Then eventually, like myself, you will never doubt that you are doing all the right things for you and for your loved ones.


And one day, you could choose to live a life without negativity, abuse or expectations of others. But one that brings you authentic peace, love and abundance of health, wealth and joy


Here’s the catch:


I am ONLY allowing 5 new students to gain access to each of my training programs from Black Friday -through- Cyber Monday


AND I am ONLY interested in women who are willing to be my 2021  success stories for when I begin paid advertising on Facebook.


Meaning you get to pay just 25% and, if you choose, give me a case study for people who will pay 100% in 2021 (actually they may pay more than that because I’m raising my prices next year!)


So, if you want to be one of the women on the early bird list to see my offer FIRST,


before I post it publicly…


Comment “25%” below or a cute emoji


And I’ll share with you the offer PLUS fast action bonuses before anyone else!


Here’s to up-leveling to a higher vibration of living in 2021 🎉 !!


❤️ Anna

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