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Unshakable Marriage Formula




Do you ever find yourself having these thoughts?


I’m so tired of dealing with his negative vibe (maybe it’s anger, undermining, neediness, impatience, dullness)


Interesting how he’d rather spend time playing golf or watching TV rather than be with me


I’m so exhausted always putting the kids and him first, and I get very little to no appreciation for all that I do


Can I just have a mature, adult conversation with this guy without him getting all defensive? 


I’m tired of always being the mean mom and him always being the nice dad, until he gets mad at the kids and blames me


We’ve grown so far apart it feels like there’s no turning back


I’m scared of losing our family life together and our financial stability, guess I should just count my blessings


It’s scary to think about leaving him, but it’s also scary to think I may not truly be happy as long as I’m with him


Everything was so nice in the beginning, but now I realize we really don’t have much in common



The good news is… these feelings are just symptoms of the root cause of your problem.


The real problem is you haven’t implemented the Unshakable Marriage Formula.


Once you have this formula for life, you will 


💔  enjoy being in the presence of each day, and know that there’s an even brighter future


💔  live without feeling anxious about the uncertain future


💔  even feel motivated again to do some of the things that maybe you were once passionate about, but had to put aside for the sake of taking care of your family


💔  have the confidence to know that you can handle any situation that comes up with your partner (and things will, because we are human) and…. you’ll even see that you can handle many other situations that life has a funny way of throwing at you once you approach those midlife years


💔  notice a sense of balance and flow that you may not have felt before


💔  enjoy being authentic and real, and none of this fake it to family and friends anymore


💔 have healthy relationships with all the people in your world



This 8-week master level course includes:


Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

1 Live Mastermind Classes

1-hour Private Coaching sessions for the weeks leading up to the program

Self-paced Video Training Modules (including the weekly live calls in case you have to miss)

6-months Access To An Elite Private Facebook Group/Community

Easy access to one-on-one support and submitting coursework

And… A Breakthrough Retreat Midway Through the Program


There will also be other bonuses for those who sign up during the 4 day Black Friday event.  BIG bonuses.


And even better …  40% of your fee will go towards my scholarship program to help women who have hit rock bottom and are in need of financial assistance for education and support. The Create Balance vision includes helping ALL women empower themselves with the right education, tools and support to help themselves live their most fulfilling life.


If you’re ready to get the love you deserve and live your life at a higher vibration, then head back to the previous page to click on the button at the bottom, and let’s see if this program is a good fit for you.

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