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Anna Lee Ambrose


Anna has 30 years of practical coaching experience. She has coached herself first and foremost since her early 20's, and continues to do so almost on a daily basis.  "It's about figuring out who you are, what you want out of life, and then creating an achievable plan to go after it. The most challenging part is holding yourself accountable, and that's the most critical piece of the puzzle for most of us."  Anna has a gift of seeing the good in all people and the potential in all people. She strongly believes in empowering oneself to achieve the things that are important to one's life.  She believes that each person has the ability to achieve his or her optimal life. As a coach, it's her job to help guide her clients to discover that ability and make it happen. Anna's foremost passion and specialty in her coaching practice is working with clients on attracting and developing healthy and fulfilling relationships.


In addition to being a Certified Integrative Life Coach running her own coaching practice, Create Balance, Anna is also a mother of 3 teens, co-partner to her husband of 26 years, and enforcer of all things positive in life. Prior to motherhood, Anna was a Marketing Program Manager and a consulting Project Manager for various hi-tech companies such as IBM and Sun Microsystems in the Northern California bay area. After motherhood, Anna decided to re-position herself career-wise and pursue her true passion of helping individuals and groups of people live their best lives through coaching and teaching. She believes motherhood gave her a second opportunity to get into a career that was her 'true calling', and that all mothers out there can do the same.


Anna's hobbies and interests include living her own whole healthy, optimal life & helping others achieve the same. She also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, dancing, singing, traveling, listening and playing music, snowboarding, hiking, taking walks & riding bikes near the beach, gourmet cooking and volunteering.

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