8 Week Masterclass Level Program where you will learn how to:

* Feel more vibrant and energized than ever before ( without having an affair or spending $100k for that little red sports car)

* Work through menopause (pre,post and during) with less pain than a monthly cycle

* Be in the best shape of your life

* Find yourself pulling your ID out because they won’t believe you could possibly be old enough

* Turn the Empty Nester Syndrome to the LIVE LIFE FULL OUT Syndrome

* Overcome any obstacle in your life with grace and peace (because they’re coming if not already here)

* Feel fulfilled in every single relationship that matters to you

Magical Midlife Breakthrough System: Inner Circle Package

$5,000.00 Regular Price
$4,000.00Sale Price
  • Limit to 5 persons in a group. There will also be other bonuses for those who sign up before Sept 20, 2020.  BIG bonuses. Contact us directly for details. And..  40% of the fees will go towards the non-profit side of Create Balance to help women who have hit rock bottom and are in need of free education and support to get back on their feet.