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More Than One Good Reason

Whenever there is more than 1 good reason .... Just do it!

You ever overanalyze a choice or a decision you have to make… to no end sometimes? You initially think yes, then you self talk your way out to a no, and then you say ‘but, but.. ‘ and then you go back to a yes, and then you talk to a friend, and you go back to a no. And then 1 year later somehow that ‘thing’ pops up again, and you think.. hmm should I?

Sometimes we go back and forth so much that we usually end up doing nothing.

We get stuck in analysis paralysis and just the pure act is so exhausting that no wonder we do nothing about it.

Think about it. It can be as simple as wanting to call up a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time.

You remember the good times you’ve had in the past, but then you suddenly remember, ‘oh but wait, we had that one convo that got a little political and she is so not on my side’. And then you decide not to reach out to her. Even though for some reason there was something inside of you that made you want to re-connect with her.

Recently, a friend of mine offered me a chance to buy a season ticket for a local outdoor theater. She said that one of the gals in the group she goes with organizes this event each year (except for the year the theater was closed). So I asked her a few questions that were important to me, and I decided yes, sign me up.

My more than 1 good reason (well I had several) were

- Get out doors and watch a new production I haven’t seen before

- Step out of my work remotely day to day and be with people in person again

- Get to meet new people

- Experience something new

- Spend more time w my friend

In 2020, I made the choice to invest a huge amount of money in a business coach who could help me take my business online and into the virtual world.

My more than 1 good reason at the time was I was ready and committed to serve more people after having taken almost 2 years off to be with my dad after his cancer diagnosis. (Losing someone has a way of reminding you in a big way how short life can just be). My other reason is that I knew that the only obstacles from me serving more people were all my own obstacles, and that I really needed help to see them and work through them.

And my 3rd reason was that I didn’t have all of the knowledge and tools I needed to move my services to a global platform... yet. And guess what happened that year? I had my best financial year during the pandemic.

What are your good reasons? If you choose to go on an elaborate vacation but you are already in so much debt. Is that a good reason to go?

Or do you choose to make the elaborate vacation a goal to reach so that you can learn how to save enough money and go debt free?

If you choose to <fill in numbing device of choice> because you can’t deal with a bad day at work, or the loss of a loved one, or a stressful situation, is that a good reason to do it?

Or do you choose to take a walk in nature because 1) you need to get away from your stressful situation and 2) you are actively creating the inner balance you need and 3) movement and a little exercise helps with balancing your stress hormone?

Let me just be really straight with you. The good reasons come from a place of investing in yourself.

Because when we invest in ourselves, we not only invest in a better quality of life for ourselves, but we also invest in a better outcome for the people we care about.

Comments? Questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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