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What's in a Logo?

When I first started Create Balance, I wanted a brand or a logo that was not only going to be visually appealing, but also one that truly represented what Create Balance was all about. After studying, preparing for and practicing life coaching for many years, I came to the conclusion that one's quality of life was all about finding the right balance and creating the best balance for one to be truly happy.

So I started off with the worldwide known symbol of yin and yang. To me, this symbol represents balance. And it represents the two different sides of each and every one of us. Sometimes we have more yin in our life, and sometimes we have more yang. The two are fluid and integrated, as represented by each of the dots. When the right balance is achieved, we have harmony between the two.

Then I wanted to somehow incorporate all the 8 aspects of life as we know it: health, family/friends, romance, personal growth, finances, business/career, physical environment and fun/recreation.

Thus evolved the eight sun rays around the yin and yang.

And thanks to the guidance and creativity of my dear friend who is an amazing graphics designer, we were able to piece together these two main elements into my logo, and come up with the colors that would again, have meaning. To me, the blue and the green mean a few things. Heaven and earth. Water and land. Our Mother earth, our world, our universe.

So now you know. Create Balance is a life coaching service business that focuses on helping and guiding you to achieve the right balance for you in your life.

We also work on obtaining balance and harmony in the 8 aspects of your life to achieve happiness.

And that's not all. Now with the integrative wellness piece added to the Create Balance family, we have an all-inclusive life coaching service that sets us apart from any other. Integrative wellness incorporates a crucial element to our well-being and achieving quality of life in all the 8 aspects (health, family/friends,…) as well as bringing balance and harmony into our lives. It brings the element of our 4 body systems (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) into the overall big picture.

And partnered with quality experts who specialize in personal training, licensed psychology, marriage/family counseling, nutrition, home or business organization, financial advisement, and the list goes on, Create Balance will also be able to refer you to our best partners who can help you with more specialized needs, if you so desire.

Whole self. Create Balance. Yin and Yang. Harmony. 8 aspects of life. Wellness. Happiness.

That's what this logo is all about.

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