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Mindful Eating and Balanced Eating

When I was growing up I was raised in a family that practiced controlled eating. We never ate dessert after dinner, only fruits. We never had soda in the house except for very special occasions when we had guests over. We never ate candy because candy was bad for your teeth. I remember even on Halloween, we were only allowed to keep a small portion of the 'good stuff'. As a kid, it kind of sucked because you had to hear about other kids who got to have all of it. And once I became a teenager, and was exposed to more junk food as well as had cravings for junk food as many teens do, at home, I did not eat any of it. Little did I know back then that these were all very healthy, controlled but good eating practices that would carry into my adult life (thanks, Mom and Dad). Well, 90% of these practices I carried on even after I ventured on my own. I would say now, looking back, that 10% of the not so healthy eating was me rebelling against the control. And now, it's all about exercising more mindful eating and balanced eating.

Throughout my 20s, 30s, 40s and now 50s, I learned to practice mindful eating and better balanced eating. All this means is that you are aware of what you put into your mouth, and how much of it you put in. No, I'm not saying I did this all the time (I'd be a robot if I did this with 100% accuracy all the time), but as each decade came and went, I learned to increase the percentage just by a little. I've been pretty much the same size since I became a full grown adult. Before children. After children. During children. Sure, I had better years than others, and I've watched my body shift here and there over time, but I absolutely believe that practicing mindful eating and balanced eating were the keys to maintaining my healthiest self. Every year. Every week. Every day. Combine that with regular exercise you enjoy and creating balance in all your body systems (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual/soulful), and you will be on your way to a life long journey of a natural high like no other. More energy. More positivity. More fun. And like the Hawaiians like to say… just plain old 'mo 'betta'!!

So starting today (or January 1st if you're so inclined), say goodbye to diets and fads and trends, and say hello to mindful eating and balanced eating. Don't beat yourself up for all the holiday binge eating you did previously. Today is a new day, a new opportunity to do it right. Give yourself a hand for the little practices you did do. And next year, face the holiday eating thing in the face and right before the holidays, and see where that takes you as far as how you feel about yourself after the holidays and going into a brand new year. I can guarantee you that you will feel 'mo betta'.

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