Who's Got the Sunday Blues?

Do you feel a twinge of sadness or some other negative emotion (stress, anxiety, anger, frustration maybe) when Sunday rolls around because Monday is eminently coming sooner than you'd like and you have to be at work? Or maybe just the thought of work causes this little cloud of negativity that looms above your head wherever you go?

Some of us have had enough experience with this that we are at least aware that this is what's going on. Once awareness kicks in, you can do one of the following 3 things:

1. Ignore the circumstance, do nothing about it because you think you can't, and continue on

2. Change the circumstance

3. Change your perception of the circumstance

And here are the 3 outcomes when you choose each of these actions (or non-action):

1. This non-action inevitably leads to depression, and depending on how your brain is made up and how it's been trained throughout the years by you (meaning the thought patterns that your brain identifies with whether consciously or subconsciously), the level of depression and the onset of depression can vary.

2. This action has the best outcome if you do it right. Even if you can't make a big change right away, making smaller ones toward the outcome you want will give you the motivation to move on.

3. This action can also have a really good outcome if you do it right. However, this action requires practice and development of some good habits.

As an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach who has studied and practiced a plethora of tools and techniques to deal with career and work choices and the Sunday blues, as someone who has worked in the corporate world in a demanding industry, and as a mom who has spent the last 15 years in perhaps the most challenging, frustrating, demanding, emotional yet most rewarding job there is, I can confidently say that I have had a tremendous amount of experience in each of these 3 circumstances.