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Do you still get excited for the fall and winter holiday season?

When the weather starts getting that cool, crisp air with a hint of the Santa Ana winds, I know that we are entering the fall season here in San Diego (yes, we do have seasons here!). This is my favorite time of the year. Besides the weather and the fall fashion wear, I love this time of the year because it brings people together. For me, it's about connecting and re-connecting with families and friends, celebrating old traditions and sometimes making new ones, but being someone who is passionate about people, it's also about a time for forgiveness, love and compassion.

This holiday season I want to reach out to someone whom I've felt a disconnect with for the last couple of years. What can you do this holiday season to make a difference in not only the life of someone whom you're supposed to be connected with, but more importantly, in your own life? When we forgive, we let go, and when we let go, we are free.

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