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What Inspires Us

The clients whom we help are those who inspire us the most.  The improvements they experience, and the self-realizations that are sometimes so simple, yet so hard to grasp when we are not at our healthiest mindset, are what motivates us to do more. We strive to improve the quality of our clients' lives by helping them get to their most whole healthy and happiest selves.

A woman's message to her man: "We are not that complicated, we just want to be appreciated."
A core belief on family: "The sooner you realize we are on the same team, the sooner your life will be easier."

Some of our favorite books & media...

  • Change Your Thinking Change Your Life by Bryan Tracy

  • Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman, Ph.D.

  • Creating Your Best Life by Caroline Adams Miller & Dr. Michael Frisch

  • One Big Thing by Phil Cooke

  • Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting by Noel Janis-Norton

  • Loving What Is by Byron Katie

  • The Laws of Lifetime Growth by Dan Sullivan & Catherine Nomura

  • You Can Be Happy No Matter What by Richard Carlson (author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff)

  • "Minimalism: A Documentary" film by Matt D'Avella

"Sometimes life's simplest solutions are right in front of us, but because of our mental clutter we can't see them."
Understanding our teenage children: "Take yourself back to their age & remember what was important to you back then & maybe you will understand."
"Happiness is a state of mind, body, heart and soul all working together in harmony and in balance."
A parent's discovery: "You can't protect your children from life happening, but you can teach them how to handle it"
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