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Integrative Life Coaching


The Create Balance Model

What is "Integrative Life Coaching"? And how is it different than just life coaching?


Integrative life coaching is life coaching that utilizes a wholistic approach. We assess the whole person first - where we currently are with our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states, before we dive into our goals and dreams or whatever it may be that'll take us to the next level of happiness and fulfillment in our lives.​

Without determining the root cause of why we aren't seeing improvement in certain areas of our life, it's almost impossible to make progress towards our goals and aspirations. At least not for the long term.​ Doing the work on ourselves first, looking at our thought patterns, our beliefs, our reactions to certain situations, our habits, how we self care... these are the fundamental things that will ultimately help you lose weight, eat healthier, have better relationships, experience more joy and achieve your goals.


The Create Balance Model is designed to extend the quality of life into the 8 areas that matter to us human beings through our center of well being.


Just like the thousands of years old Chinese concept of yin and yang, at the center of our well being, we have either imbalance where our 2 sides are opposing one another, or we have balance where our 2 sides compliment one another. In today's modern world, when we have imbalance, it may look like stress, confusion, exhaustion, overwhelm or anxiety.


When one energy is stronger, the other energy is weaker. So the more negative energy you feel, the less positive energy you have. And the reverse is also true. The more positive energy you feel, the less negative energy you have. Unfortunately, in today's modern world, we have little patience and too many outside sources we think we can gain some of that positive energy back with: medications, high energy drinks full of chemicals, high sugar coffee drinks are just a few examples.


But when we have patience with ourselves, we realize that we can have that positive energy within us. We can learn how to tap into our yin and yang so that they compliment one another rather than repel each other. We don't need to feed our bodies and minds with outside sources that over time can lead to serious health concerns. When we have balance, instead of stress and anxiety, we have feelings of gratitude, joy, clarity and peace. And we can learn to choose our sources wisely in order to help us gain positive energy.

The integrative wellness approach or the wellness in the 'whole' person as we talked about previously, is what will bring the balance within each of us. This is the center of our existence that allows us to access the best version of ourselves. And when we've unlocked that key, we've opened our door to spreading positivity to the world.

In addition to coaching our clients to live with integrative wellness, we also currently specialize in empowering our clients to reach a higher quality of life in these 4 areas:

1. Health and Wellness

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition

  • Habits

  • Natural Healing

2. Personal Growth

  • Personal Challenges

  • Self-discovery and Evolution

  • Fulfillment and Purpose

3. Relationships

  • Family

  • Marriage

  • Parenting

4. Work With Purpose

  • Employee Career Development

  • Passion-based Business/Entrepreneurship

  • Career Transition

So when we couple integrative life coaching with the Create Balance model, our clients reach new levels of health, wealth and happiness. But there's a catch. If it's just counsel and encouragement you want, then this approach is not for you. However, if you're committed to making effective change in your life, then we can empower you with the knowledge and tools you'll need to continue on the path of empowering yourself to live your most fulfilling life. 

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"We are all humans and we are all unique, but yet, we are all the same. We all have aspects of our life that could be better. There is always room for growth & improvement, whether it's getting through a low point or figuring out how to live the best version of ourselves. When we take charge of these aspects of life, and when we better our life as a result, that is the key to truly being happy."


                          ~ Anna Lee Ambrose

                            Founder, Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, Create Balance


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